Sell-then-Ship 6.0

Automates order fulfillment for Amazon Sellers. Printing of Shipping labels
6.0 (See all)
Haslemere Products LLC

Automates all tasks in Amazon order fulfillment.
Downloads orders from the Amazon Web Server.
Sends confirmation email to customers, when the orders are received.
(The appearance of All emails can be customized.)
Prints USPS Shipping Labels with tracking numbers at the Electronic Rate.
Tracks the package.
Order History, and tracking information stored in a mySQL database.
Backup of mySQL database to Zip File.
Allows orders to be re-sent to customer (adds a new entry in database for orders which
need to be re-sent)
Intuitive and easy to use desktop graphical interface.
Extensive online documentation and help Forum.
Flash Video training provided.
Free to use.
Designed for both small scale and volume Amazon Sellers.
Automates all the basic tasks in order fulfillment. Freeing up time, and allowing seller to be more competitive, and gain better ratings.

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